Busy Beaks Cockatoo Rescue Some of the birds that we have helped:
Rescue, Rehabilitation and Permanent Sanctuary for Unwanted, Neglected, Abandoned and Traumatised Birds.

Registered Charity No.: 1108834  
C/O Admin Dept, 61 Marina Road, West Park
Plymouth, Devon PL5 2NR  United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1752 851861
Mobile: 07971 248717
Email: busybeaks@btinternet.com
Busy Beaks Cockatoo Rescue


Our long-term aim is to discourage people from buying Cockatoos as pets.  Many people have good intentions but do not understand how difficult it is to give these birds a good home and how demanding they can be to care for properly.  We would like to educate people about the realities of keeping a pet Cockatoo.

Our aim is to provide a safe and permanent home to those birds that have not found suitable homes. Re-homing is very difficult and as Cockatoos live for many decades it is important that we provide the best possible accomodation.  We have outgrown our present premises & desperately need to raise enough funds to buy a suitable site where we can build a permanent sanctuary with outside avaries as well as indoor birdrooms


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